CPAN Dependencies

Given a module name, this service will show you its dependencies along with a summary of their test results from the CPAN testers. The idea is that if you have a choice of several modules to use, this will show you which is the most reliable.

Results (Get results in XML)
  Module   Pass rate Pass Unknown Fail NA
- YAML::Syck Bug reports Detailed test results is depended on by ... Results by OS and perl version PASS 69UNKNOWN 0FAIL 0NA 0 69 0 0 0
     ExtUtils::MakeMaker Bug reports Detailed test results is depended on by ... Core module Core module
Chance of all tests passing PASS 100%FAIL 0% 100% (note this doesn't mean much)
The chance of success is calculated by multiplying the probabilities of the module and all its dependencies passing their tests.
Legend : = Search = Bug reports = Test results = Reverse dependencies = OS/Perl results matrix

Please note: this site is a tool to analyse the dependencies of modules written in the Perl programming language. I can not help you with any problems you might have with using any modules.

It relies on modules having META.yml or META.json files so it can work out their dependencies, and is case-sensitive. The perl version number is used to filter test results and also to determine what's a core module and what's not - some core modules also exist separately on the CPAN, but we don't bother looking at their dependencies. If you choose a version like X.Y as opposed to X.Y.Z, then you'll get test results for all X.Y.* versions, and we assume X.Y.0 for figuring out what's in core. If you choose 'any version', then you get all test results and we divine core modules from perl 5.005. Test results are cached for performance and may be up to three days out of date. Modules can depend on particular versions of other modules. We ignore that. Patches welcome.